Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Dems, unsurprisingly, totally cave in to Bush on War Funding

This just pisses me off so much. I guess I'm really not surprised, but when it happened, I was pissed just the same. What the hell did they think the 2006 election was about?

It makes me so mad I'm not sure I can say anything useful about it right now. I'll leave that for Keith Olbermann.

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David said...

I was a conservative Democrat for a long time, but the past 5 months have opened my eyes to the inherent problem both parties suffer. I can’t honestly say I’m affiliated with either party anymore. The Republicans have ruined the country since their initial GWB coup. The Democrats who were supposed to be America's saviors from this abyss, came into power in Congress preaching that “impeachment was off the table.” Incredible. Now they show their obedience to GWB by backing down on Iraq?

The truth is known to us all – our political system is set up to separate politicians from representing the actual people they are supposed to represent. As such, the particular party a politician subscribes to doesn’t ultimately matter. The politicians we have, and are looking at, are by in large only focused on a) lengthening their time in office at any cost, and b) increasing their personal wealth.

If an election were held today, I’d be voting for Mike Gravel for President, and ousting my Senator and Representative. Not that Gravel, a new Senator, or new Rep would necessarily be better, but the only way to make politicians accountable to the people is by the people showing that their vote is stronger than a lobbyist’s dollar (which it technically is) and that acting against the will of the people represented, will get them fired.

The optimist in me hopes for a better future for my 2 year old son and this country in general. The realist in me doubts we’ll see any change for the better anytime soon, if ever.