Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I hope the answer is 'Yes'

I hope the answer is 'yes' to the question asked by this article.

I should note that, while I really despise what the GOP has become and think it deserves to die a slow, painful death, I'm not exactly a Democrat, either. Democrats have the advantage over the GOP in that they are not authoritarian lemmings, so there is room for disagreement and you won't get reflexive support for whatever a Democratic President might do, which is very healthy in a democracy.

I'd say the GOP has pretty much proven it cannot be trusted to act as a check at all on the power of the presidency when the president is also GOP. Not that the Democrats did much better, but at least most of them resisted. The GOP pretty much all lined up behind the leader and marched the whole country right off a cliff, calling anyone who tried to even voice a protest traitors. Well, I hope they enjoy the ride down off the cliff onto the rocks. I'll be eating popcorn and watching the impact from my lawn chair set up on the edge of the cliff.

UPDATE: I've decided that any time I talk about the GOP, I'm going to reference this on-line book (also on my left sidebar), because I think that is always the underlying explanation for everything the GOP does and is, and it is helpful to remind people of that.

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