Saturday, May 19, 2007


I have two things I want to write about, and hopefully I'll get to them this weekend. One is regarding the utter nonsense that tax cuts pay for themselves. That will take a bit of time because I want to link to some places I need to dig up.

The other issue is one that will take some time, and that is my thoughts on feminism, which have been slowly percolating up after several months of reading and sometimes interacting on various blogs, including those of radical feminists, and those of feminists whom are apparently the target of attacks from radical feminists. Included with that will be my own ideas about gender and equality, which includes some of my personal history and how I think it has shaped my thoughts on the subject.

And of course, as always, I'm going to post about whetever else comes to mind. (I still want Gonzales out - it has gone beyond the pale now with the latest information - you know when John Ashcroft puts the brakes on and threatens to resign that someone has gone WAY over the line).


Hanging Shingle said...

Part of the problem with analyzing the tax cut issue is the question of what qualifies as a tax cut. Bush cut some taxes, but didn't alter the alternative minimum tax, which is an effective tax increase on people every year since it isn't inflation adjusted. Reagan cut overall rates, but closed substantial loopholes. I'll bet you many real estate investors would have preferred not to have Reagan's tax cuts.

DBB said...

Yes, that is true. Mostly what I'm referring to is the specific claim that tax cuts not only pay for themselves, but that the recent tax cuts actually did. (Which they clearly did not).

The AMT - boy, talk about a hot potato.

hedera said...

I may have to wait for your next posts until Memorial Day weekend; on previous experience, any post by you on feminism will inspire a log of comments that will take me at least a day to get through... You're not even anti-feminist, quite the reverse as far as I can see; but you have a genius for stepping on tender toes. I wait with bated breath.

DBB said...

I don't deliberately try to step on toes, I guess I just have clumsy feet. And you are right, I'm not anti-feminist - I'm actually pro-feminist in the sense that I fully support total equality for women, but I don't think feminism as a movement is going to get us all the way there (as I explain in my post).