Sunday, June 10, 2007

So much time, so little to do!

Ok wait a minute, strike that, and reverse it... (ah, Willy Wonka!)

Such is the pitfall of being a parent of a young child and having so many responsibilities. I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to be single (though some nights I might as well be, when my wife works late). I'm sure it will get harder with more kids. I'm sure it will get easier, too, as older can watch younger and as they all get older.

My poor toddler is sick today. She had a fever of 101.2 and we took her to the doctor - always hard to do on a Sunday - and it turned out it is probably a viral throat infection, so the trip was really a waste of time, and it was a nightmare because she was tired, sick, and screaming the whole time she was there. Still, it probably isn't ultimately that serious, and hopefully she'll feel better in a few days to a week.

Ok, this was just going to be a short post to lament that I have all these things I wanted to post about and just wasn't able to this week (and previous weeks - I haven't forgotten about my tax post!) But I can try and knock some off now while baby sleeps with mommy. Here goes...


Enkidu said...

Let me guess.

[Doctor] Is she drinking and peeing?

[You] Yes.

[Doctor] It's a virus. It will take seven to ten days. Call if her condition changes, or if she stops drinking or peeing.

DBB said...

Yeah, basically. I didn't really want to bring her in, but my wife, a hypocondriac for herself, is even worse with the baby, particularly when the baby really is sick.

Plus, she has gotten several ear infections, and so if it was one of those, we would need antibiotics. I just hope she feels better soon. Over a year in daycare now has given her a lot of colds and such. Now she still gets them, but they are much less severe. I guess better that she get her immunities and sickness now than when she is in school and might miss something important on a sick day - though it is hard when she can't really communicate what is wrong beyond just crying.

Enkidu said...

Do what you have to do, and feel for those with no health insurance. They can't do what they have to do, but that's another post.