Friday, June 22, 2007


Cheney is now claiming that he doesn't have to follow a presidential order because, get this, his office is not part of the executive branch. Uh... I can't even think of anything to say, I'm speechless. Maybe Keith can help me out. Rahm provided some help as well. Or as Andrew says, "The idea of impeaching him really doesn't seem so outrageous as the months go by, does it?"

I guess Cheney ought to hand over those energy task force minutes now, since he can no longer claim executive privilege if he is not part of the executive branch.

Geez, just how fraking blatent can you get about ignoring the law?


hedera said...

I saw that today too, and thought, how much are we going to let this maniac get away with??

armagh444 said...

Yeah, more joy and wonderment from the "it means what we say it means" school of Constitutional thought.

Sam. said...

America has been beaten down and bullied by these psychopaths. We are under their complete and utter control, too tired to fight anymore and hoping the reign will soon end with a new election. They have been above the law, scoffed the law and the constitution, and continue to rake in blood money and power.