Sunday, June 10, 2007

Your government at work...(where's the safe beef?)

When I heard about this I was totally disgusted. This is what I mean when I say that so-called conservatives are not in any way libertarian. In fact, they are anti-libertarian.

Here, they are trying to use the power of the government to actually stop a business owner from making his product safer. And this is done really for the sake of large corporate donors who are afraid to compete in the free market against this business because they are afraid they will lose out or will be forced to follow suit (you know, that whole competition thing) to sell their beef.

Fortunately, I think this effort will ultimately fail because there simply is no rational basis for the government to argue that meat safety standards limit what you can do to make your meat safe. Still, it is so utterly disgusting that this was even attempted.

Republicans say that they are for a free market, but they really aren't. They see government as a tool they can use to favor their friends and their friends' businesses over others. That is about as anti-free market as you can get. No wonder they don't like Ron Paul.

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