Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christ is Love

Excpet when the wrong genders are involved. I know this is hardly surprising, but it is just another nail in the coffin in the idea that there is anything particularly special or moral about churches or those who practice religion. They say homosexuality is a sin, so they can't have a service there for someone who comitted that sin because otherwise they'd be condoning it. Except that they also say that NO ONE is without sin, so when they single out one sin for exclusion, what they are REALLY saying is they are bigots. Another reason why religion is inferior in morality to non-religion, in my not so humble opinion. Only with religion do people say, with a straight face, that they are doing good as they do immoral acts.

I guess the Christians here can take heart in this - since their god does not exist, they won't have to spend an eternity in hell for their bigotry here.


nicole said...

Intolerance. Sucks.

Maya's Granny said...

The only time I wish I were a believer is when soneone deserves to roast in hell and I know they won't! It would be such a comfort to think of these people in that setting.

Of course, the branch of faith that my family practiced held that when a congragation gets to a certain size, it needs to splt because true Christian community is not possible with a large church. Also, they don't pay their ministers. So, I would consider a megachurch an unholy thing if I were a believer.