Monday, August 27, 2007

Shoving people into boxes

No, I'm not talking about people sneaking into the United States, I'm talking about the near-reflexiveness that many people have to stuff someone into a neatly labled box when having a discussion, rather than actually addressing the merits of what that person has said.

Barefoot Bum has an excellent post on this topic, so rather than repeat it, I'll just link to it and quote the last paragraph:

I'm tired of being called a "lickspittle liberal" or an Islamic apologist because I oppose the war in Iraq. I'm tired of being called a Soviet-style Communist because I think we do have some positive obligations to our fellow human beings. I'm tired of being called an apologist for torture because I loathe Islam. I'm tired of being called intolerant, racist and sexist because I criticize authoritarianism, exceptionalism and irrationality in anyone, male or female, left or right, black or white, gay or straight, Western or Middle-eastern, religious or atheist.

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