Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've been terribly irritable lately and I finally figured out why. I've spent the last few weeks worried sick about my wife's pregnancy and my wife. I've spent the last few days worried about my daughter, who has been acting under the weather or irritable herself, not sleeping well at night (and thus I haven't gotten much sleep). And I'm worried about my job, which may not be there in six months (and is guaranteed to end soon after that). And I'm worried about paying for another baby or paying for more daycare, given that, even though we have planned and should be fine, there is always uncertainty. Plus, with my wife pregnant, she can do even less around the house, she often doesn't feel well, so I have her and a toddler to take care of sometimes, and I'm just exhausted and so I worry will this be even worse when baby two is born. I need a vacation or something. At least this weekend is a long one. We will be celebrating my daughter's second birthday. That I know will be a happy time. She's learning so much, she's talking more, she is starting potty training (on her own initiative) at day care. I need to focus on the good things and try to worry less. Sleep would help with that, too. I could sleep all day today. But now I need to get breakfast, get my daughter to daycare and get my ass to work.

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sacred slut said...

Sleep is very important to mood. Better to leave the house messy and get enough rest. At least then you'll be better able to cope with all the other stressors.

Hooray for potty training. One less thing you'll have to deal with soon.

Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing.