Friday, January 25, 2008

Fiscal Stimulus from Congress

I've heard (mostly) that this new "stimulus" package about to be passed is a horrible idea. But here's my take on it. So what?

Really, the total cost is less than $200 Billion - so already it is way way cheaper than the real hole in the ground we are dumping money into: Iraq. At least THIS stupid waste of money puts $1500 in my pocket. I figure, if the politicians are going to do something stupid, why not let it be something stupid that puts money in my pocket? Do I think it is going to help the economy? Hell no. It won't do diddly for the economy. Does it hurt the deficit? Sure it does. But then if they didn't spend the $200 Billion on this, they'd have given it to Halliburton or wasted it on a bunch of bridges to nowhere or something else equally stupid that wouldn't have put $1500 into my pocket. Is this cynical of me? I'd say yes, except that I think things are so bad that one doesn't even need to be cynical to think this way anymore.

So give me my $1500. I'll put it toward a new computer that I am planning (really hoping) to buy by the end of this year. (I tend to spend about $5,000 to $6,000 or more when I buy a new computer, so I'd still have a ways to go on that. My last computer is over 6 years old, so I figure I'm due.) Of course, since my employment situation is still uncertain starting a year from now, I still may not get my computer then, but I'm going to try and save for it anyway, just in case.

So to sum up, I don't think this "stimulus plan" will do jack shit to stimulate the economy, I don't think it really will change much of anything. It is just a stupid government stunt. But unlike most stupid government stunts, this one will put some money directly into my pocket, so I might as well take it. I certainly won't give any credit to either party for doing something this stupid, but I'll still be happy to have the cash.

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