Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jedi Flavor

I heard on the radio this morning that two guys (in England I think) just founded an official church - dedicated to the way of the Jedi. They will wear "traditionall" Jedi brown robes and run services based on the Jedi way, teaching about how you should act, etc.

I don't think they are claiming that Jedi are "real" - they are just using the Jedi from the Star Wars movies as a template for a new church. And I must say, I think it is cool they are doing this. But that's probably just the eight-year-old boy in me. I don't think I'd join such a church (since I wouldn't join any). And the really funny thing to me is that I think their church is probably more sane than most religions - they don't seem to be claiming any myths are real, they are just trying to follow a particular ideal.

Of course, there is the possibility they are nutcases who do think Jedi and The Force are real, but even if that were true, they would not be any less nutty than the grown men and women who wear large white robes and claim to feed the flesh and blood of some dead, possibly-never-existed prophet to patrons.

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hedera said...

This is actually quite cool.