Thursday, January 3, 2008

Malls are Dangerous

At least, the parking lots are. Particularly in the crazy holiday season. As my wife found out a few weeks ago when she went to the mall (after I begged her not to because of the craziness) and then, on the way out, she was hit by someone.

She's fine. The baby is fine. Her car, however, had body damage to the tune of $1850 or so, though the frame was ok. (It was basically the fender around the left wheel well that was destroyed). So we're out $400 of deductible and the cost of a rental car so she could finish working that week before we went on vacation. Happy freakin' holidays!

I was going to write about it before now, but I decided I just did not want to think about it because I wanted to enjoy my vacation and relax. But now vacation and relaxing are over with, so I might as well share.

It seems probable that the other party was at fault - there was a stop sign a bit back from the intersection for them while my wife had no stop sign. No one got a ticket because it was in the parking lot of private property. It was a crossroads of sorts between two "mall drives" through the lots.

Ultimately, we are out almost $500, which sucks, but I suppose it could have been worse. We just were trying to save for the new baby, we just bought new furniture for our two year old (so we can use her old furniture for the coming baby). In fact, my wife just ordered the furniture that same day she was hit. So that was a very expensive day ($1000 for the furniture - a tall dresser and a long, short dresser).

On the plus side, now the furniture is safely delivered, our toddler's room is now all set with all of her clothes and things in there, and the baby room is now ready for a new baby. We cleaned the house and got everything in order and ready. Now we just need the baby. Eight or so more weeks to go. (Or less...)

It sucks that vacation is over, but at least we accomplished a lot. So we feel good about that. On the negative side, a good friend is moving to Arizona for work in two weeks, so that's one less friend (really the last good friend I had living in the immediate area), and one less gamer twice a week. He may be back in six months, but who knows. Work is fickle.

I have only about a year and two months left at my current job, then I need to find another one. That will be fun. Maybe I'll hang a shingle. I guess I'll have to figure that out as this year progresses. Happy New Year!


KC said...

Glad everything's okay with the baby, but watch it with the "we're ready for this" talk. I went into labour the morning after we decided the house was "ready". :)

DBB said...

KC - I can say this - I'm so unsuperstitious I never worry about such things. My wife, on the other hand...

In any case, I feel so good that everything is ready and good to go that I wouldn't mind too much if the baby comes a bit early. Though I'd much rather the baby wait til, oh, February 29th. (That would be perfect, in fact...)

Btw, how many weeks were you when you went into labor? My wife is almost 32 weeks now, so we still have a ways to go before she's full term.