Friday, January 18, 2008

My Legal Disclaimer

I have noticed that any blog done by an attorney pretty much is guaranteed to have some sort of disclaimer that reading and commenting on their blog does not create an attorney-client relationship, or other some such nonsense. Which is a generally accurate statement. I could understand somewhat the need for it if you had a legal blog with your name and business address on it, linked to your attorney web-page that you put out for potential clients to contact you. But when I see it on anonymous blogs, then I just wonder, what the heck?

I mean, if a person truly thinks that communitcating with or just reading a blog written by some anonymous asshole suddenly means that they have an attorney and an attorney-client relationship, particlarly where that communication is public - well, I would have to say that person is crazy. And so any court would be crazy to penalize an attorney if someone actually was deranged enough to think that an anonymous blogger was now his or her attorney. So really, if it is an anonymous blog, common sense should dicatate that no such disclaimer is necessary. Which is why I don't have one. I think if you truly think I'm your attorney because you read this anonymous blog and you publicly posted a comment to me for the whole world to see, you need far more help than I could ever give you anyway, and not of the legal kind.

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Maya's Granny said...

Uhmmm. So you're not my attorney? My shrink will be so glad to hear that.