Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Non-Existent Problem

There is an excellent article about the recent Supreme Court case regarding voter ID laws, specifically the law in Indiana.

This from the article sums it up rather nicely:

"a non-existent problem . . . cured by burdening the fundamental right to vote."

It is sad that such a transparently partisan law that has NOTHING to do with solving any problem beyond Republicans losing elections because those pesky poor keep managing to vote despite their best efforts to prevent it (or to cajole them with religious fundamentalism). Michigan passed a similar law.

They passed a law to stop "voter fraud" of a sort that has NEVER happened in the history of the state of Indiana. And somehow this "compelling interest" of stopping this non-existent "problem" trumps our most fundamental right, the right to vote.

I sadly predict that the law will be upheld in this case, along party lines, and that yet another piece of what makes this country great will be sacrified at the altar of GOP partisanship.

This, combined with what appears to be a much more probable Clinton nomination has made me terribly depressed.

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