Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama Wins Iowa!

Which,of course, probably anyone reading these words already knows. But what you may not know is how happy I am about this! I really want Obama to get the nomination. I think he has the best chance of winning the general election (even though a Dem is likely to win in any case, why chance it?) I also like his more moderate message. As for how he'll govern, who knows. One never knows for sure. He'll be a million times better than Bush, but that is because Bush was so bad. Hillary would likely put in competent people, which would also be better than Bush, but she would also have a lot of negatives - the same negatives that may lose the Dems the election if she were the nominee.

I really like Edwards's policies. I just don't think he can win. I was excited about him when he was running in 2004. Then I saw his VP debate with Dick Cheney. I hate Cheney. He is an evil person. (I think Bush is also evil in his own way but I don't hate Bush). I really wanted to see Cheney go down. Instead, Cheney, in that debate, wiped the floor with Edwards - and after I saw that, I never saw Edwards as a viable candidate again. I think he would get destroyed in the general election. Unfortunately, policies don't get you elected. Ruthless politics do that. Edwards simply isn't very good at that. That, combined with his tepid support overall and tepid fundraising, simply does not make him a viable candidate in the long run.

So I'm excited about Obama. I hope he goes all the way.

On the Republican side, frankly, I don't care who wins. Though I really don't want it to be Rudy - so I guess I was satisfied to see him get less than half of Ron Paul's support last night. Beyond that, I really don't care. I think it is funny to see Romney get trashed by the party that Rove built (evangelicals going to Huckabee) - some say the GOP is splitting into pieces right now. But that doesn't really matter - the GOP always gather together like lemmings on election day. As authoritarians, they can't help it. Which is why the fact that there are fewer GOP voters today (and many more Dems) is really what will decide the election.


Michael said...

One of the writers on a site I blog for talked a about Obama's win. Of course he first had to explain was a Caucus was to our readers, lol.

Honestly I hate to play the race card but I'm very surprised to see Obama win in a state like Iowa. Maybe the world isn't as racist as I thought. I'm feeling like if he can win there he can win anywhere.

hedera said...

I'm with you, DBB - three loud cheers!

michael, I think you underrate the good citizens of Iowa. I don't think they're as racist as you assume. The real test for Obama will be some of the wilder Southern states - but if Huckabee takes the Republican nomination (??!!), he'll take those anyhow.

But let's see how Obama does in South Carolina.