Friday, January 11, 2008

Watch "The Wire"

I really can't put it more simply than that. Watch The Wire. It is, quite simply, the best television show ever made. Not only that, but that statement will continue to be true well into the future.

You need to make a commitment. You need to start with season one, episode one and watch them all in order. But it is well worth it.

Season Five just started on HBO. That will be the last season. I don't want to say more or to spoil anything. You just need to watch it. I'm an atheist, but I am quite happy to spread the gospel of The Wire. It is that good. A word of warning, though. You will forever be spoiled from it, because it will make even the good crime shows (and dramas) of the past look lackluster by comparison.

So stop reading this post. Go out and buy the first season on DVD. Or rent it. Or borrow it. Any way you can, you must watch it.

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Sweating Through fog said...

Yes, I completely agree - the best show ever made.. Enjoy