Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's about frickin' time!

The Nebraska Supreme Court, in the last state to use it as its primary method of execution, finally baned the use of the electric chair as cruel and unusual punishment. Well, DUH!

Anyone who tries to claim that it isn't a horrible and torturous death to electrocute someone is a bald-faced lying scum who deserves to be put in the chair when they reach the end of his life. And yet they still argue it, even in this case. Its such horseshit because the chair was used for years as a big threat against law-breakers BECAUSE it was viewed as such a horrible way to die. Everyone knows it. And yet you see them there, calmly making bullshit arguments before the court that the chair minimizes the risk of unnecessary pain, violence and mutilation. I'm sorry, double bullshit.

If I had the authority, I'd disbar lawyers who made bullshit claims like that for violating their ethical duty to only make pleadings supported by fact. I think they just want to inflict pain on those who are executed. Why else put up so much resistance to switching to a painless method? They say it is because they don't want to keep ending up in court fighting over each new method, but really, how hard can it be to do a little research and come up with an actually scientifically proven painless method of killing? Killing someone in a way without pain ain't exactly rocket science. We seemed to have figured out how to do it with animals without too much difficulty.

For the record, I'm against the death penalty entirely. But I'll get into that (and why) in my promised post on my viewpoints on various issues, which I hope to put up this weekend.

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hedera said...

I stand by a post I made a year or so ago when California started arguing about the 3-drug injection method of execution. If we MUST execute people, which I'm less and less sure about, we should go back to the one method that was scientifically designed to be quick, foolproof, and as painless as dying ever is - let's bring back the guillotine. France isn't using it any more. While we're at it, we should bring back public executions - if we insist on doing this we should at least have the balls to watch it.