Friday, January 2, 2009

Burned out on Politics?

I wonder now if I'm burned out on politics. It was an intense, long presidential election cycle. It felt like it lasted forever. It still doesn't quite feel like it is over. There is a lingering presence. Oh wait, that's Bush, still in office.

I can't wait for Obama to be sworn in. I know not much can happen right away, but one thing that CAN happen right away is executive orders, and I hear he has a lot of them all ready to go the day he hits office.

I've also been checking up on the Al Franken Minnesota Senate race. I think Franken is likely to win that now, though again, I just want it over with and him sworn in. The GOP has now sworn they will block seating Franken. I expect they'll all gang up and do it, too. If it were Coleman, the Dems would cave in and let him in. Oh well. There's still hope for the Democrats to grow a backbone in 2009. Not much of one, but maybe Obama will inspire them.

I don't expect Obama to be a progressive panacea, but I'd take a strong center-left Democrat with a backbone over a thousand progressive jellyfish any day. At least the backbone'd Dem would get things done and start pulling us away from the right-wing precipice. And maybe his backbone would inspire backbone in other, more progressive Democrats.

Speaking of progressivism, I read an old case today - Michigan Supreme Court case, from 1971. The holding almost seems like it is from another planet. And it has even inspired a post from me. To be continued in another post.

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frann said...

We are all burned out..they are all liars and thieves. Something happens to them between Nov elections and January.. Run..Hide