Sunday, January 18, 2009

Call Torture, Torture, God-Damnit!

It annoys the living hell out of me that on the radio, on the TV, pretty much everywhere in the MSM, the orwellian phrase "enhanced" or "agressive interrogation techniques" is what is used to describe what is actually torture. Hell, even when they use the word "torture" it is always modified, usually as "amounts to torture" or "akin to torture" or something else that implies that maybe whether or not it actually is torture is subject to some reasonable difference of opinion or is just political spin.

Even freaking NPR does it. And worse, they not only won't call it torture, but the CW is that there simply will be no torture investigations, much less prosecutions, which by any sane definition of the law would be required.

I listen to NPR when I drive and every time they do this, I want to scream at the radio that it isn't "akin to torture" it isn't "aggressive interrogation" it is Fraking TORTURE. T - O - R - T - U - R - E - *period* I'd write in to NPR, but I know tilting at windmills when I see it.
Still, maybe someone needs to be doing that tilting. Maybe if I called during pledge week and told them I'd agree to pledge only if they said, on the air, that they would from now on call torture torture.

It is funny how pretty much torture is defined in the MSM as something that only other governments do, and that when the same techniques are used by our government, suddenly it isn't torture anymore. It makes me want to have every single person who has ever said that this torture was anything other than torture put through their so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" until they admit, on video, that it is torture. If this was any indication, they'd all be happily admitting this within about 30 seconds (or less).


Tyson said...

Did you hear this clip on NPR? I was amazed that Obama's pick said unequivocally that waterboarding was torture. Plain and simple. It was refreshing.

DBB said...

That is refreshing. Now if only that could translate directly into prosecutions, as is required by law.

Tyson said...

I just recently started watching ther Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. I'm not normally a TV news fan, but Erin's mom was watching her while we were home for Christmas, and I kind of got hooked. At least a little. On her show tonight they were discussing, among other things, the war crimes committed by the Bush administration, and it was SO invigorating to actually hear it said on a TV news show that war crimes were in fact perpetrated by our government. Here's a clip if you're interested.

Rachel Maddow