Friday, January 23, 2009

A little taste of my Dungeons and Dragons game world

I don't know when I'll get back to it (my game world), given my schedule. Right now, I'm running a Pathfinder campaign, the first one published. And I really like it. But for any of the one or two of you who might be curious, here is a link to a wiki for my game world.

It is what you would call a "home-brew" world. "Hard-boiled" might be another way to describe it, based on how I created the main world map. (I still haven't gotten to mapping out the city I mention there, but I do have the software for it now. Maybe that can be on my big to-do list).

I must say that the wiki is a totally cool way to present a world. I had originally tried another way online that was kind of klunky, and before that, I just emailed my players word documents with various world information in them. The wiki is far suprerior and it is something I can update very easily. I've added things to it as the world has changed from player actions or as I have added new information on areas to explore.

It certainly is a big leap forward from the tools I had available to me when I first started gaming and designing this world, almost 20 years ago. My only regret is my own limited artistic skill in drawing maps and such. At least the software tools make it all relatively easy, though it can still be a lot of work to make something more than small and basic.

As a final note - I think this as a creative outlet sure beats the hell out of using creativity to make new ways to rip people off or sell bad investments.

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