Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Day One: Fox News Loses It

Fox News is so bad now that you couldn't parody it. One day into Obama's term, they are already at it, with the ridiculous fear-mongering attacks and hopes for his failure. I know this isn't news and this has been oft repeated, but it is so brazen that I just have to wonder if they realize just how off-putting this sort of crap has become.

Or have they drunk their own cool-aid? Do they think this will somehow garner them ratings? Do they even believe this garbage? I know the RWA followers buy it all, but I'd think the media stars know better, or at least, the main ones. I'd love to waterboard Hannity to see what he really thinks about all of this. I think he really believes it. These people are certifiably nuts. What is scary isn't so much that there are people like this out there, but that the rest of the MSM pretty much lets it all slide. You have to go to Comedy Central or a few obscure corners or cable, like Maddow or Olbermann, to find any critical commentary on this sort of stuff at all.

David Gregory is blithely unaware of any of this going on and seems to think being a glorified stenography for GOP presidents (while being more "critical" of Dems) is "serious" journalism.

Many on the left are also already disillussioned with Obama. I can't be. Not yet. I refuse to pre-judge. I want to hold on to some hope, still. I also konw that you can't turn on a dime. I hope that he stands up to the GOP and does what is right as opposed to being cowed, like so many Dems are. Thus far, he's given me reason to hope he has a real backbone.

But back to Fox News. They are a pure propeganda arm of the GOP. It is so obvious. It is just annoying that it isn't made more explicit on the other networks. An honest, unbiased report on any network that mention's "Fox News" would have to precede those words with "the propeganda arm of the Republican Party" and a comma. Sickening. All the while they "game the refs" and try and convince everyone that the rest of the media is pro-Dem, when the reality is, they've been gamed so well and for so long by the GOP that in an effort to avoid that horrible "bias" label that the GOP slaps on every story that is not a word-for-word recitation of GOP talking points, that the MSM is really massively right-wing biased. Despite the fact that this has been extremely well documented, they continue to do it, with people like Gregory promoted into the prominent positions. Oh well, at least there's MSNBC.

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