Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spam Removal

It seems like all I ever do here is remove spam that seems to pop up in comments every week or so... usually with links to porn or viagra. Mostly porn.

I would like to post, but just don't feel like it given the time and energy available.

Plus, I've probably lost all my readers by now - heh - or most of them. If one actually cares about such things, the number one comandment is to post something every day, or at least on a regular, semi-weekly basis.

Politics is, as always, depressing. Obama is continuing all of the worst Bush policies - well, almost all - and otherwise is useless at advocating for anything I care about. He's a center-right president. Which makes it even more pathetic that the right-wing decries him on a daily basis as a far-left liberal. Which just proves that there is not a single syllable from the mouth of any national GOP figure worth listening to. And the Dems are just stupid. Blech.