Sunday, May 13, 2012

Facts Don't Matter

In a world where facts don't matter, those of an intellectual bent will be shunned and ignored.  Ignorance will rule.  Those with the strongest feelings will prevail.  And harsh reality, when it rears its ugly head (because reality doesn't care about whether you beleive in facts or not - facts are all that matter in reality) - when that happens - convenient scape goats will be found. 

In the meanwhile, we are all screwed.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!


allons-y said...

well shit shit shit. I hope depression didn't the best of you.

I just found your blog (cosleeping toddler post that sounds like I wrote it, except that you wrote it 7 years ago so you're my future and I'm your past) and I kept reading lots and lots and lots of old posts. My husband and I are atheists and progressives and intellectuals keenly aware of society's problems. We want to raise our kid(s?) to deal adaptively with all the bullshit they'll encounter and maybe even find solutions we never thought of. I know it's a fine line
between cynicism and despair. My husband is fond of saying he'll be on his death bed when the shit truly hits the fan (ie. the world is uninhabitable), but since having a child, I don't allow him that indulgence anymore. Now it matters that we don't give up. When we're on our death beds, our son will be us now. What will he need to thrive that we should be giving him now? I refuse to give up or to let my husband or any other smart people give up. I'm tired of people giving up. The smartest people I know end up falling to drugs, alcohol, suicide, or apathy. Thinking follows anger follows despair follows surrender. We need to keep thinking, and then go the other way! Never stop brainstorming, looking for solutions, talking, changing. Thinking can follow hope can follow action can follow change. For our kids, at least. My husband and I have found hope and comfort in teaching. As teachers we have access to growing minds and we can plant the seeds of intellection there. We can raise questions, prompt discussion, and encourage critical thinking. That'll sound creepy to the book-banners out there, but you know I mean it in the healthiest way possible. It has got to matter for SOMETHING. It's got to be better than NOTHING.

Please, don't give up. None of us is a revolution of one. There are millions of us. Thinkers, questioners, writers, talkers, solution-seekers, innovators. We all feel alone because we're surrounded by noise and mess. Look at the thousands of views on your blog alone. You're tired of blogging. OK. That's fine. I don't blog either. I never even comment on anything. But here I am commenting on your "failed" blog. That one damn cosleeping post you wrote 7 years ago continues to help people every day who feel they have only Google to help connect them to likeminded people. Sometimes it does feel that way. But it can't be. If "the grid" disappeared tomorrow, would discourse die with it?

What I want to know is, have you given up entirely, or just on your blog? I want to know that, since you seem to be a glimpse of my future, you haven't found hope to be altogether too elusive a quarry...

Alfredo Piacentini Ex Syz Geneve said...




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