Sunday, January 11, 2009

Structured Blogging Schedule

Anyone paying attention to this blog over the past two weeks might have noticed a change. Namely, I've actually been updating it basically every day, sometimes more than once.

Something I've been kicking around is the notion of having regular updates on certain themes on certain days of the week. One thing I've noticed about my own blog reading is that 1) I tend to only check out the blogs I know regularly update and 2) I also pay attention to particular topics and like to see those topics in particular updated.

There are certain topics I cover again and again simply because they interest me. So I'm now going to formalize it. Certain days will be for certain topics. But I'm not going to limit myself. Let me explain how I'll do it.

Say the topic is "Law" for Mondays (and it will be). That means that every Monday, there will be a "law" post. There might also be other posts on other topics (or even on Law) that day as well, but you can be sure there will be a "law" post that day.

I'm doing this both to help keep me on a regular posting schedule as well as to give a heads up to anyone reading this blog of what to expect, at least in part. I have a long list now of topics I wish to discuss, and this will help me organize when I will get to each. I may also start doing a few other things regularly, like commenting on new Michigan cases as they are published. I read them anyway, and so maybe a plain-english explanation of what they mean might be nice.

Another thing I want to make sure I do is put at least one post about each of these topics up per week, so this is another way for me to get myself to do this. If I ever run out of things to say on a particular topic, I may revisit this, but for now, I have a big enough mouth I'm not worried that I will.

So without further ado, here's my planned update schedule:

Sunday - Politics
Monday - Law
Tuesday - Wildcard
Wednesday - Gaming - be it RPGs or Computer games or games in general
Thursday - Entertainment - Movies, TV Shows, Books - my thoughts, my recommendations, my rants
Friday - Gaming - mostly RPGs (I try to game twice a week, might as well post about it twice a week...)
Saturday - Personal


tina FCD said...

I think that's a great idea, can I steal it?

DBB said...

Steal away - though if you may have noticed, it is hard to keep up even with this. What I have been doing is just filling in posts in the appropriate place when I have one and have time to make one. Still, I think I've kept up the posting at at least a reasonable pace - I am not going for long stretches without posting.

I do have more to say, I just often don't have time to say much, and I am starting to think it is better to take the time to write out a longer, more thought out post than to shoot from the hip.