Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year

As 2012 begins, it is looking about as depressing as 2011.  Obama is finally showing a little backbone, but it seems more like election year bullshit than anything real.  I guess if he wins, will really see what he wants to do when he no longer has to worry about re-election. 

I still don't feel that motivated to post much.  Maybe that will change, maybe it won't.  Maybe it won't matter since by now there's no one really checking on this.  Number one rule of blogging is that you need to update regularly, really, daily. 

Sleep right now is more precious than anything.  I can't function without it and I seldom seem to get enough of it.  Here's to trying to get more sleep, starting now...


We're just your ordinary family... said...

I know you posted this at the beginning of the year and your last post (quote?!) was on Mother's Day but, for what it's worth, you shouldn't give up on your blog. If you write it, they will listen (bad Field of Dreams reference, I realize). I came to your blog after a Google search on co-sleeping with a toddler (something I do with my 18 month old daughter) and your tagline caught my eye. Perhaps it's because I tend to surround myself with likeminded people or perhaps there really are more of us in the world than we realize but I'd be interested in reading the coherant ramblings / frustrations of someone who is a non-religious Libertarian (like me). Anyway, if you post again, I'll read it. If you decide that blogging is no longer your thing (which I get, I'm a horrible, no good blogger), I get that too but I thought I'd offer up what little encouragement I can muster in the middle of the night across the interwebz and see what happens. Good luck with whatever you decide.

DBB said...

I am still around. And I may even post. It is just a question of motivation and time. Really, I am either going to start posting regularly again or likely hardly at all. I don't really want to do anything in the middle.