Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Glad Brown Won in Mass

I'm glad Brown won. Becuase Democrats are WORTHLESS. Jon Stewart summed it up best this week when he pointed out that even after this loss, Dems have an 18 seat majority, far more than the GOP ever had, back when they had control, when the GOP did whatever the fuck they wanted, got passed whatever they wanted. The Dems had 60 seats and didn't do diddly. You can be damn sure if the GOP ever had 60 seats and the White House that the tax rate would drop as your income increased, so only middle class and lower class people paid taxes, Christianity would be made the offiicial religion of the nation, and all non-GOPers would all be vassals or in Gitmo right now. The Dems screwed around for a year, did nothing, and now will lose health care - not that the bill they would have passed even with 60 seats would have been worth anything, it not having a public option. Might as well kill it now. In any case, I'm done.

The country is doomed. Most we can do now is buy popcorn and watch it all slowly burn.


DagoodS said...

I disagree. Because….well…no…O.K. you are right on that point.

And on this other one.

And on…oh, nuts.

Scoot over—I’ll bring the drinks.

The Barefoot Bum said...

You could join the revolution, you know.

DBB said...

I don't really think there is a revolution to join, nor will there ever be one. I have a friend at work who, when he was in undergrad, was very radical and actually joined the communist party or at least hung out with them. My friend is very smart - he discovered very quickly that the people who actually joined such movements were often not - and actually tended to be nutjobs themselves. This is probably similar to what you've seen in some of the on-line equivalent to that community that I think you got rather disgusted with after a while.

That makes me think that we are just stuck and all there is to do is roast marshmallows on the timbers as civiliation burns.

The Barefoot Bum said...

I don't really think there is a revolution to join, nor will there ever be one.

Then make one.

"The fear of death is the beginning of slavery."

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

DBB said...

I have my doubts that a critical mass of people of sufficient intellect to recognize what needs to be done (and who aren't idiotically religious) exists.

I suppose the internet would allow one with no money or charisma to gather at least some like-minded people, but given the way our system works, they would likely be too dispersed to matter.

How can you compete in a democracy where one side has tens of millions of simple-minded, religious people who can be easily led with bullshit?

The alternative, trying to go outside the system (i.e. "revolution" revolution) is a non-starter. The government's aresnal, both electronic and military, is such that it would be dead before it started.

Really, what did you have in mind?