Monday, January 17, 2011

Its hard not to be depressed or apathetic about things

Given the state of the country and where we appear to be headed, it is hard not to be apathetic about politics. It is like there really is no option for good. It is either evil or less evil.

I am reading "All the Devils are Here" - a book about the causes of the financial crisis. What strikes me first and foremost about it is that it is a demonstration of the fact that "the market" does not work - in the sense that it does not regulate itself. And the actors in it are not rational. After all, it was the financial wizards, the absolute best and brightest that capitalism can ever hope to have, that directly caused the financial crisis. These CEOs that are supposedly so irreplaceable and valuable that they have to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars - they lost billions upon billions and had to be bailed out or they would have brought down the entire world economy.

This rather shatters the bullshit that they are really worth all that much money. They aren't. Of course, they continue to be paid at that rate and they continue to be in charge and they are making more money now than ever before. They should be in prison.

Like I said, it is hard not to be depressed or apathetic. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change.


Sage said...

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Inside Job. It's really unnerving that just a handful of very wealthy people can happily screw over so many of their own citizens.

So it goes.

DBB said...

You literally read my mind. And answered my prayers. Ok, I didn't pray, as I'm an atheist. And really, it is a coincidence. And not even that, since the movie is right on point with the subject matter of the post.

But why I say this is that I was watching "Capitalism: A Love Story" on cable this weekend (first time I've seen it) and it reminded me that I heard of another movie, about the financial crisis, one that I really wanted to get on DVD, but I couldn't recall the title. And now you get on here and give it to me. (I have it on Amazon now - it comes out March 11).

So thank you, Sage! Now I feel happy to have that title, which is nice, since when I actually get it and watch it, I'm going to be livid all over again.

Sage said...

I took a class of kids to see it when it came to our local indie theatre. Some were yawning because it's a bit over their heads (teenagers), but the ones that got it were shaken by how the system works. It's hard to find out that the people who should be taking care of us are actually the enemy. I mean I got that many in the US gov benefit from corporate profits, but I didn't know the extent and the overtness of it all.

Professor Zero said...

OT - I love your blog title!!!

DBB said...

Thanks prof zero. It is more of a description than a title. I must say that over time, I've become more disgusted as I see what is happening in this country. And now in my state with our new governor who has put out a bullshit report about how state workers are so overpaid using statistics so heavily manipulated that anyone citing them could only be described as a lying sack of shit.

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