Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Still cautious but happy...

I want to post about a few other things today, but first thought I'd mention, as I posted about before, my wife is pregnant. This morning, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound. They ordered it basically because of what happened last time not because of any signs of trouble. Which is good. And in fact, right around this time is when she started having trouble last time she was pregnant, where the bleeding started. So that we made it thus far without any bleeding is a good sign.

The ultrasound showed everything looks normal, which is quite a relief! Our tiny little tadpole is growing and is currently estimated to be at 7 weeks 1 day gestation and 1.12 cm long (that's basically just half an inch). We have pictures from the ultrasound, but really, it is so tiny you can barely make it out. It is hard to tell even which side is the head and which side is the tail.

We got to hear the heartbeat at 136 beats per minute. And see it. I still think that is so cool! We are still hoping for a girl (that makes it easier to do hand-me-downs) but we are covered if it is a boy (we finally agreed on a name for a boy - we had several girl's names all set from before).

So now that I've seen it, and have seen that everything is fine so far, I feel much better. I still won't relax until we pass the critical 12 week mark and, of course, you never really completely relax until you have the baby in your arms with a clean bill of health. Due date is still March 3rd. I want to tell everyone in the world, but we still have kept it to only a few, mostly family.

So here's to hoping that the next five weeks go just as well.


armagh444 said...

Wonderful news.

Fingers continue to be crossed here (which makes typing interesting) for the best-possible long-term outcome.

Maya's Granny said...

I'm holding good thoughts for you and your wife and child.

Thorne said...

That's great, DBB! I was just wondering about baby yesterday, but didn't want to ask... So you be cautious, and I'll be jubilant for you!!!
*does a lil happy dance* Yay, baby... yay, mama... yay daddy!!!

DBB said...

Hey, thanks everyone. We have our fingers crossed. Seven and a half weeks now and still everything looks good. We were a week into bleeding at this point last time, so this gives us a great relief now.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Oh I know what you are going through. I lost my first baby when I was six months pregnant- pre eclampsia and this time I lost my baby in the 5th week- spontaneous abortion. I hope things work out ok for us the next time.
I hope your wife and the little tadpole :) are fine.