Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What I'm About

I have given it a little thought and have decided I will dedicate this blog to two things.

1) I will try to post about things I've thought about that I've not seen discussed elsewhere. I don't just mean topics not discussed (that seems unlikely), but particular takes on those topics. In other words, what I think has, thus far, been (as far as I know) thoughts unique to me. I figure this is a reason to blog more than just bloviating about things repeated ad nausuem elsewhere in the blogsphere. (Who needs to read yet another 'me too'!)

2) Somewhat in contravention of item (1), I will sometimes post about things that are not necessarily unique if I simply get pissed off enough to feel the need to say something. Note that this is not necessarily something that will happen very often.

A general rule that applies to both (1) and (2) above is that I will probably only write about something that has me sufficiently chomping at the bit that I really have something I feel the need to say. I won't force myself to write on any set schedule, in other words. Sort of like how the great Keith Olbermann only does one of his "special comments" when he is appropriately inspired. (And I do not mean by this to say that what I have to say will be anywhere near his comments in content, relevance, or quality).

The next thing I intend to post (when I get the chance) is a little bit about me, as is hinted at in my 'about me' caption, just to let anyone who reads this have some idea of where I'm coming from. I am somewhat hesitant to be too specific, because some like to label people and then ignore them or criticize them based on the label (Oh, he's a 'liberal' blogger, or she's a 'right-wing blogger' or 'he's an insane monkey-brained heathen with delusions of grandeur') rather than addressing the points at hand.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Well what do you know, I created a blog. Time will tell if I have anything interesting to say. There is a saying about opinions and how they are like a certain part of one's anatomy. Well, now I have a place to put my opinions. I have posted comments elsewhere for a while now. I have posted on discussion threads for a very long time. I even posted on usenet news way back at the end of the 1980s. So apparently I've had something to say before. I've only responded where I was itching to say something on the topic at hand.

I don't know what I'll do with this, yet. Perhaps there will be some interesting discussion. Hopefully I won't just be an empty ranter. I will do my best not to use profanity, though that is not to say I won't use harsh language. The main reason I'll avoid profanity is to avoid the empty complaints that it generates. Complaints that apparently don't materialize if you advocate assassinating sitting Congressman or Judges, as some other unnamed bloggers have done (so long as you don't use profanity when doing so).

So, to reiterate my opening. Greetings. And I really don't care how many people read this. Not that it wouldn't be nice to be well read, but to actually care about it would perhaps influence my posting in ways I'd rather not be influenced, so I've made a concscious decision not to care. Believe me, I have other things to worry about.

TTFN (as my sister loves to say)


Nothing else to say today. Need inspiration plus time to post something, I think.