Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not dead yet

I haven't posted in ages, mostly because there is a cycle of not posting, so no one is reading, so I figure, why post. That and a lack of time or energy. I mean, what really could I say now that isn't already being said by someone else online, only better.

My time these days is divided between working, taking care of the kids, gaming (twice a week if I'm lucky, not at all if I'm not), and playing EveOnline in a few snatches of time here and there. And paying bills. Lots of those. My daughter is just about done with Kindergarten, which is cool. My son is talking and basically potty trained, which is a relief after almost six years of diapers between him and his sister.

And one more big milestone: the kids slept in their own bed last night - well, they slept together, and not in my bed, which happens basically never. Maybe they'll do it again tonight. I have my doubts.

Finally, I wish I had a new computer. I suppose I don't really need one - my last one I got the week before my son was born, so about 39 months ago, but it'd be so nice to get one. I even cleared some space for it. I could play computer games with my daughter together. Yeah, that's the ticket.

In any case, back to oblivion.