Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Totally Disgusted Beyond Belief at Debt Deal

My blog title pretty much sums up how I feel now that the "debt deal" has passed.

Truly, if even with a Democratic Senate and President, all we get are, not just Republican policies, but crazy Republican policies, what the fuck is the point of even having a Democratic Party?  At least if Michelle Bachman were president, it would all be above board. 

Truly, if this is what we get, I'm going to vote for the craziest Republican mutherfuckers until the Democratic leadership actually acts, you know, progressive.  Until they publicly support and fight for what Bernie Sanders says, screw them all.  They think they have progressives over a log, I say the progressives should put them over a log.  If progressives all refused to vote for them, and instead of voting for mealy-mouthed Democrats, voted for crazy Republicans, they'd have to listen. 

The exception is primaries.  I'd vote in primaries for the Sanders of the party (I know, he's independent, but he's progressive).  Then if the Sanders actually won the primary, I'd vote for him in the general election.  But if it is a mealy-mouthed Democrat who wins, they don't get my vote in the general.  I don't want to reward their bad behavior.  This isn't about wanting perfect progressive candidates.  This is about wanting candidates who are progressive at all.  If they aren't at all (which most aren't) then why bother voting for them at all?  Voting GOP is more honest - that's the policies we get anyway.

UPDATE:  As I wallow in my disgust, it occurs to me that by this criteria, I cannot vote for Obama again.