Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gonzales Update

There are so many things I'd like to do a post on today, I'll be lucky to finish this one (gotta go get baby and then there's no chance for posting after that, usually...)

But I wanted to post about my least favorite Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. He should be gone by now. I predicted he would be gone by the end of April. Sad to say that even me, with my low regard for Bush and friends, overestimated Bush's grasp of reality.

Gonzales is still in place and is saying he will never leave. I suppose even though he has zero credibility, he does act as a shield for Rove, of sorts. Still, it is sickening to see him clinging to power like this when any decent human being would have resigned in shame by now.

We should know by now, Bushies have no shame. They are shameless in their pursuit of power. Shameless in their hypocrisy. Shameless in their cynical lies about basically everything. It is so sickening to me, it makes me just want to stop even paying attention to them because it is just so depressing. But that would be letting them get away with it. And if I have anything to say about it, they will NOT get away with it. (Too bad I'm not supreme dictator of the world. Oh well. As it stands, the only thing I have complete control over is this blog.) Even the Gonzo-meter is down to only 55% chance of departure. Grrr.

Thus, I'll end this with a quote from the article I quoted above:

The decent thing is for Gonzales to resign. But expecting that a man who is a principal author of the nation’s torture policy, who authorized illegal wiretapping and extraordinary renditions will do the decent thing is almost laughable. It rests therefore with Congress to do the decent thing in his stead.

As far as Congress goes - well, I'm not holding my breath.


armagh444 said...

It would not be unjust, in my opinion, if Gonzales went down as the worst AG in U.S. history.

Did you hear about what he did to AG Ashcroft when he was White House counsel and Ashcroft was in the hospital?

Truly sickening.

DBB said...

Yes, I heard about that today. And the huge steps they took to try and keep that secret, to not let Ashcroft or his deputy testify (which he's been blocking for a year). If there was any justice at the DOJ, Gonzales would not just resign, he'd be fired and indicted.

armagh444 said...

Not to mention disbarred.

Oh, wait, we only disbar folks for getting head.

DBB said...

No, only, only Democrats get disbarred for head.