Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pass the lube.

After seeing the Daily Show about how previously fully-funded pension funds were looted, then that looting was used as the basis to argue with doing away with pension funds altogether with the false argument that they were underfundede because evil employees through evil unions forced unfunded liabilities on those poor, defenseless companies... well, that was enough to make me want to give up entirely.  The 1%, as it were, are screwing everyone else, and they are getting away with it.  They got away with it.  Nothing will ever change.  They want us to believe that, but it is easy enough to do so when it is true.  Things have not gotten better - they have stayed the same or gotten worse.  The GOP is making sure nothing can ever get better.  Only a filibuster proof majority of PROGRESSIVES with a progressive President could ever change that, and such a thing will never happen, because progressives have no voice. 

So pass the lube, because we are good and screwed.