Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life Goes On

My life has not really changed much over the past few months - I've just had less time and energy to post here and so have given my time over to other things. Our nanny is working out - which is great. My son is approaching two years old (in three months) and he's starting his "terrible twos" - he gets into everything and can be very insistent on getting things. He's still mostly non-verbal - he points and whines. My daughter did the same up until just past two years old. Then she started talking up a storm and hasn't stopped since.

Speaking of my daughter, she's several months into 4 years old now and she occasionally listens to us, but usually not. She ended the terrible twos (which is really like the terrible almost-two-to-well-past-threes), but given her lack of listening, it isn't necessarily that much better. She at least can be reasoned with - sometimes. She knows her abcs and can read a few words, spell her name, and so forth. She's just about ready for Kindergarten, I think, except for maybe her attention span. It will be fun and scary when she starts school. I've already called the school to see what we need to do. There is a registration process and paperwork you have to do -it just seems strange to me because I don't remember ever having to do anything but show up when I went to school. But of course, that's the child's perspective - my parents would have dealt with that stuff. Approaching school from a parent's point of view will be a new thing. It will be strange, too, given that my job sometimes involves teachers - at a time when they definitely would not want to be seeing me.

So getting to my job - I've been at my current job for well over a year and I must say, despite some various issues unique to the times, I really love it and I hope to be doing it for the next few decades of my life. This is a job I would gladly do through retirement. I feel really lucky in that regard. Work is still work and I enjoy my time with my family or just doing fun things (i.e. gaming) but I enjoy my work, and that is a rare thing. I suppose that is partly why the compensation isn't what it would be in other lawyer jobs - can't have both a great job and good pay. But it is adequate.

And to gaming - I still play in two different games - one at home, one away. I have gotten the Pathfinder Core Book, and I really like it. I will probably post separately about it, if I get time. Thanksgiving may provide me an opportunity. Or maybe I'll do it tonight.

As my energy and time return, I'll post more here. I know I will - I have plenty to say. I hope someone will read it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prosecutorial Immunity

The Supreme Court hears oral argument today on a case about whether prosecutors have absolute immunity from suit for misconduct. The misconduct in this case was criminal - the prosecutors and police actively framed two black teenagers they knew were innocent.

I suspect that the court will grant the prosecutors immunity. And I think that is bullshit. If prosecutors are so worried about getting sued for framing defendants, there is an easy solution - DON'T FRAME DEFENDANTS.

As far as I'm concerned, those police and prosecutors should be in prison for life, no parole, for what they did. As it is, I'm sure none of them will do a single day in jail and they'll probably get this immunity too. There is no justice in our system.