Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Ray of Hope is a Ray of Warm Sunshine!

Victory! Dodd's maneuvers in the Senate prevented the horrid telecom bill from getting passed this year. Unfortunately, this may only have delayed it, but I'll take anything at this point! It is heartening to see there is at least one Democrat with some backbone who is willing to show real leadership and actually DO something rather than just mouth platitudes on the way to surrendering to the GOP.

This also means that perhaps there is more time for the lawsuits against the illegal activities of the telecoms to progress, though probably not enough.

The ultimate message is, though, that one can stop the GOP agenda if one actually tries - keep the pressure on! Make sure this bill NEVER comes to pass! Now I feel at least a little bit better today. Though I still feel bad about something personal that happened this weekend - more on that later...

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