Monday, March 24, 2008

Question for My Readers

Despite my generally sleep-deprived state of late, I still feel the urge to write, and even have several things I may write about about soon - but it occurred to me - of those who read here, is there anything in particular anyone would be interested in seeing me discuss or say more about? Anything I say that is particularly annoying? Anything I should just shut up about already because I've already said it a dozen times? My curious mind wants to know. I tend, in the non-electronic world, to thrive on back and forth in conversation - that's probably why I enjoy commenting on other blogs so much - through dialogue and discourse, I develop my thoughts. So I'm asking for some dialog here. Thank you in advance for any suggestions offered.


Tammy said...

More of this:

"I'm pro free-market - because I truly do think that is the best way to handle MOST of the economy. Republicans claim to be free market, but I think the latest scandal (Bear Stearns) proves that what the GOP wants is to privatize profit only while making losses public - in other words, they want corporate welfare and socialized economics that allows the wealthy to get wealthier when times are good, and when times are bad, it bails out the wealthy from having to take responsibility (or any losses) for their own free choices made when times were good."

Perhaps an entire post on economics -- few people "go there" because they don't understand the basic principles.

"Go free market!" says a fellow duplicitous "lefty looney".

DBB said...

I suppose I could post on my views of economics - I have done that in bits before - about the fallacy of the broken window and about welfare and the minimum wage. Though I don't claim to really know economics all that well beyond some basics.