Monday, April 7, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Kicks Frakking Ass

I'm getting over being sick and miserable all weekend. I'm still somewhat miserable. I'm at work and my car had to be taken in this morning. So I'm going to be out $500 on that. Gotta love Mondays. But frak all that. BSG Season Four started Friday, and it was awesome! I just had to share something positive. Now I just need to survive long enough at work to get my car, pick up my daughter, and get home.


Tammy said...

Feel better, DBB.

E is, like, this AMAZING cook. Maybe she can whip you up a batch of cyber chicken soup. Got a killer recipe in your arsenal of awesomeness, E? :-)

DBB said...

Cyber chicken soup would be good - anything to get rid of this killer virus. I generally feel better today than this weekend but now I have no voice. At least I can still type.

E said...

I have never actually made chicken soup except from a can, for the same reason I don't eat vanilla ice cream: why waste your time on something boring? My cooking time (and ice-cream-eating time) is too valuable for plain-jane. I can, however, make up a mean cream of mushroom with emmenthaler and gruyere.

And YES! BSG was SO GOOD on Friday! Watching Sam and Kara's relationship self-destruct is like watching a train wreck and I just can't stop.

DBB said...

I don't even know what emmenthaler and gruyere are, but I like mushrooms and I'll eat anything that cures my virus (though I don't think anything will...)

And as for BSG - yeah, nothing puts a damper in a relationship quite like telling your partner you'd put a bullet between their eyes... (hypothetically...)