Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ok, so I admit it, I'm disappointed that no one has had any comment on my post on the Derror case. I'll just have to get up the other posts that are rattling around this weekend. My new job has kept me busy, but I should be getting into a nice routine soon.


twinsx2 said...

Well, your bio could be mine, almost. I'm 40 something and female. But, after 20 years of "practicing" law in Michigan and watching the S. Ct. decimate our rights, I'm just cynical. I don't know what it will take to get our comstitutional rights back. Normally once you lose them, they are gone forever.

twinsx2 said...

I should have clarified, not only has the SCOTUS decimated our rights but also the Mi. S. Ct. I was refering to the local boys and girls in my post. We have the best chance of changing the make up there.

DBB said...

It is rather dishearening to watch our MiSC decimate our rights. And with the ratio at 5-2, with the 2 soon to retire, I don't have much hope it will get better any time soon.