Friday, August 20, 2010

Sick of the Useless Media

I'm so sick of seeing "Ground Zero Mosque" everywhere - first and foremost because it IS NOT AT GROUND ZERO SO IT IS NOT A GROUND ZERO MOSQUE. But of course, that moniker has stuck because that's the narrative set by the right-wing media, and it just gets worse from there.

Anyone with half a brain (or less) knows this whole thing is a bullshit, manufactured "controversy" of the right-wing meant to bash "libruls" and distract the news cycle away from things that actually matter.

But my saying anything about it won't change anything. At least I get to rant about it, even though it doesn't matter. Nothing matters. The right wing won, and will always win. They have more money, they have much more disciplined media, and whatever they push out on Drudge will be the story of the day regardless of reality.

As for the citizenry too stupid to realize this (or care) or too xenophobic to care? Fuck them all.


DBB said...

And right on time, the Korean Pron post in comments.

DBB said...

And now two days later, more (which I again deleted).

tina FCD said...

I hate spam!
I just wish no more religious buildings would be built.

DBB said...

I just got hit with three more spam comments on viag-crap.

And religious buildings don't bother me as much as the idiotic crap people who use them believe.

Ok, I suppose I get annoyed when I see huge churches and think of all of the money wasted on them, all of them money sucked out of communities from their tax-free status. But when you get right down to it, I really don't care if they build this mosque - I kind of like it - because it both annoys Christians and shows the right-wingers to be totally full of shit when they talk about freedom of religion. What they REALLY mean is freedom for you to be Christian, and nothing else.