Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enough with the lie about 47% paying no taxes

To all those out there who keep saying this: Enough with the lie that 47% pay no taxes.  EVERYONE pays taxes.  Sales taxes, payroll taxes, state income taxes, local income taxes, property taxes.  None of those taxes are progressive - they are all regressive.  The only progressive tax is the federal income tax.  Funny how that's the one that is attacked.  What makes your lie especially transparent is the fact that everyone who works pays payroll taxes starting with the first dollar earned.  What makes the lie especially evil is that in the same breath that you lie and say that 47% pay no taxes, you complain about medicaid and social security being too expensive, not mentioning that those programs are paid for with payroll taxes, something separately paid for from income taxes.  Stop lying.  Those who continue to do so are violating a Christian commandment.  Not that this matters to me, but it allegedly matters to them.


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