Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm apparently a racist just because I'm white

I've been participating in a comment thread discussing racism. You can read the thread, but the basic premise is that I'm a racist (and so are all white people) because I'm white. Because there is some invisible force field in our society that automatically makes me get all sorts of special goodies (which apparently I'm unaware of).

Oh, and for not agreeing with that basic premise, I'm also accused of denying there is such a thing as racism.

Last I checked, the best way to convince someone of something was not to start out with an insult, then repeatedly insult someone until you somehow change their mind. I did suggest that perhaps "racism" is not the proper word to discuss the concept that, perhaps being a member of the dominant demographic in any given society gives you advantages over members of other demographics in that society. Which is not a concept I disagree with. But taking that concept and then expanding it to then call all members of that dominant demographic "racist" just for being in that demographic, to me, is nonsense.

To me, and to most sensible people, one calls someone a racist based on personal characteristics - like, for instance, saying racial slurs, or not hiring someone just for their race. Which most in our society consider to be unacceptable. Which is why to call someone a racist is to insult them. Sure, there are racists, but it is rather nonsensical to call someone that when you know almost nothing about them except for their race.

Of course, the other benefit of this definition is it allows members of minorities to hate white people for being white and not think of themselves as racist for doing so. It also allows self-loathing in the more radical liberal whites, who can then feel guilty about it. Or at least that's my theory. Truthfully, I just don't understand why anyone would want to hate themselves like that, and for no real reason other than their race.

I comment here now because I am now "moderated" there for - apparently instead of answering my arguments, it is easier to just lock me out. There was one post in response from "The Free Slave" that again, did not answer my points at all, just accused me of further vileness and insulted me. Which I take to mean that this person has no real answers, just hatred, and an inability to deal with his ideas being challenged logically.

Sorry to all, but I'm not a racist just because some racist asshole says I am, based only on the fact that I'm caucasion, and who insults me for not bowing down to his ridiculous ideology.

Hatred may feel good to some, but it convinces no one of anything. It has convinced me that there is no point talking to some people because their minds are closed - it is just a waste of time. How sad.

I guess this also is a grim reminder to me that while I loathe the ridiculousness of the right-wing, I have just as much problem with the left-wing. Why can't we all just be reasonable? *sigh*


chickpea said...

Granted I haven't read the whole comment thread, but her premise that to be white is to be racist is absurd. That's akin to saying "to be Black is to like hip-hop."

Stuff like this boils my blood so much, mainly because I am a minority and I often see other minorities playing the race/racism card when it suits them. But they don't see how their talking negatively about whites, hispanics, arabs, etc is real racism.

Pish posh I say, you're not a racist!

Oh, btw I actually got accepted to law school. Just found out this morning. So my moment of happiness has been extended!

DBB said...

Hey, congratulations! Looks like your moment of happiness is only multiplying!

And thanks for the support - I don't quite understand the thinking behind the premise, as I said in the post. I think it is sad.

And I agree with you that making generalizations about people based solely on their race is what I would consider textbook racism. That is also a race neutral defintion of racism - something that I was told in that thread was unacceptable because apparently a race-neutral definition of racism is racist, because only the definition set by the self-appointed racism language police, that makes all white people racists, is acceptable. It is so absurd it is almost laughable, though they take it all so seriously that I'm not laughing.

cornucrapia said...

Attempting to have a discussion on the Thinking Girl blog is one of the most frustrating things I've ever encountered. I noticed you're also posting on the professional pickup artist thread, best of luck, maybe you'll get farther than I did. In my experience for a group that claimed to be so open minded and accepting they were extremely close minded and opinionated. I almost wear my moderated status over there as a badge of pride.

DBB said...

I had some misgivings about posting there, given the comment policy, which seemed a bit heavy handed, but at least she was upfront about it. And I don't begrudge her having any policy she wants - its her blog, so its her rules.

But it does seem like she marked me basically for not agreeing with what she or what TFS said, which is hardly a way to have any sort of discussion. If you have to block those who disagree with you, it doesn't say much for your own position.

I've argued in other comment threads on other sites, such as at Salon, with some pretty extreme right-wing Bushies but I've always kept it civil and I never had a problem with expressions of views contrary to mine. I still think they are wrong, but I don't foreclose them from having their say. They should. Open and honest debate is the only way to get to the truth.

Blocking someone for being nasty or disruptive, not really discussing the issue at hand is one thing. Blocking someone because you disagree with their point and apparently can't come up with an argument to counter what they've said beyond insulting them, mischaracterizing them, and complaining that you don't want to have to try and explain something to them, well, that to me seems a bit petty. But to each their own.

In the last post I saw there, TG again claimed that her new definition of racism, one that isn't in any dictionary I've ever seen, is appropriate and that she just won't try and explain any further.

What this really boils down to then is that the definition of a word, 'racism', has been unilaterally changed and if you don't accept the new definition, then that's the end of the discussion. Not exactly a great way to have a conversation. This actually gives me a notion for another post.