Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rove Under Oath

That is my dream. I hope the Democrats don't cave. I hope they force this. It looks like they will. It seems clear the White House is afraid of what might be revealed if Rove testifies.

I wonder what would be revealed. Rove is not above lying, even to law enforcement, like when he lied about his office being bugged. I wonder if he wouldn't just lie his ass off, even if under oath.

Still, I want to see him grilled. I want to see him pushed into a corner where he has to decide if he'll perjure himself and risk prosecution or if he'll tell the truth and sink Bush even further.

In the meanwhile, I hope Gonzales is out soon. He's such a Bush toadie.


Mojoey said...

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DBB said...

Hey thanks - when I get the chance I'll add the appropriate reference here, once I figure it out.