Friday, April 13, 2007

50 Million Emails - all gone bye-bye

Gee, what horrible luck the Bush Administration has. All those pesky emails, videos, and DVDs just keep going missing, and wouldn't you know it, they are always the key pieces of evidence in whatever current scandal is brewing. Of course, for six years, they got away with it clean, because the GOP Congress bent over and let Bush do whatever the hell he wanted, abdicating all public duties to check the executive branch.

Now it turns out Rove specifically eliminated all of his email for years, to the point where even the RNC had to try and stop him. Oh, but I had no idea, Rove says. Yeah, right. Karl Rove is a lying sack of shit.

This just pisses me off so much. Oh well, at least Gonzales will testify next week, and it looks like he's doing so bad at his murder boards, they won't even let him talk to the press anymore. I hope they rip him a new one.

I'm glad to see the Democrats finally showing some backbone, particularly Leahy, who point-blank said he does not believe the administration when it says they "lost" the emails. Go get 'em, Senator!


Chris said...

Shades of the crucial 18 minutes that were "accidentally" erased from the Watergate tapes. hmmmmmm.....

Jenn said...

You know, oddly, China has some of the same problems with disappearing emails. Accidental. Technologic errors. Bad internet connections.