Thursday, April 5, 2007

Senator Hatch Lies on Meet the Press?

I watched MTP, as I usually do on Sunday mornings, and so I saw Hatch this week talking about Carol Lam, one of the fired US prosecutors. What I did not realize at the time was that he was either clueless or lying his ass off when he did so.

What gets me is that I somehow doubt that MTP will post a correction about that or that even anyone in the MSM will even mention this at any point. In other words, his words, wrong as they were, will stand, and may even show up in other right-wing talking points (which is where he likely got them in the first place). What is sad is that blatently false right-wing talking points dominate the airwaves, always, while even true talking-points from the other side get almost no air time. I'd be willing to bet if someone from the other side said anything so blatently wrong, there would be a right-wing talking point on the Drudge report, filtered to everyone on the planet on every single talk show, within three days. But there is no such network on the left to distribute talking points into the MSM, and the MSM seems unwilling to channel anything like it channels the Drudge report (even when the Drudge report is full of bullshit).

I wonder what can be done about this sort of thing. It is the sort of thing that can make me either pissed off or depressed. Or both. I guess at least there is the blogsphere, so even if the MSM doesn't correct it, it gets corrected somewhere (I found it, after all). One can't lose hope.

UPDATE: Apparently when Orrin said "Carol Lam" he really meant to say "Alan Bersin" - oh, ok, now it all makes sense. (See original link - it has been updated). Now lets see if that ends up getting corrected on the air with someone calling "bullshit."

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