Monday, September 10, 2007


This is absolutely hilarious, and I wish it were required reading in some circles... (h/t Apostate).

I particularly enjoyed the 'non-fascism is a form of facism' non-sequitor.


Replicant said...

I can only echo Sam Harris:

"Auschwitz, the gulag and the killing fields are not examples of what happens when people become too critical of unjustified beliefs; to the contrary, these horrors testify to the dangers of not thinking critically enough about specific secular ideologies. Needless to say, a rational argument against religious faith is not an argument for the blind embrace of atheism as a dogma. The problem that the atheist exposes is none other than the problem of dogma itself--of which every religion has more than its fair share. There is no society in recorded history that ever suffered because its people became too reasonable."

— Sam Harris An Atheist Manifesto, Dec 7, 2005

The reviewer is simply trying to divert blame from fascism by saying "but look what non-fascists do!!". That's like political advertisements which simply say all the bad things the opposition has done without uplifting their own candidate.

DBB said...

Yeah, that is what the reviewer is doing - though it is tongue-in-cheek and is really a biting indictment of theists and all of their reviews of Dawkins.

Replicant said...

It's tongue-in-cheek? I only skimmed it, so I guessed I missed the nuance.