Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life can be Depressing at Times

Which is probably why I haven't posted much recently. I've mostly spent my time at home, snuggling with my daughter and wife, watching first Stargate SG-1 season 10 on DVD, then South Park Season 10 on DVD, and now we're getting through Stargate:Atlantis Seasion 3 on DVD. And we've been trying not to think too hard about my wife's brother, because that is just depressing. Hopefully we will find out more soon, though.

I just started trying to come up with a boy's name, though I haven't gotten far. I keep saying I'll work on it over the weekend, then never do. I wonder if my procrastination has something to do with not wanting to come up with a name, then find out something bad has happened and we lose the pregnancy again. The thought crossed my mind yesterday as I thought about it and realized that many weeks had gone by without my even trying to come up with a name. And so I started looking yesterday. I want a name that sounds nice, but that isn't all that common. I don't like to recycle names from family. Everyone deserves his or her own name. So it is taking a bit of effort to find something suitable. For whatever reason we've had an easier time finding and agreeing to names for girls (so we are covered there), but none for boys so far.

I'm also occupying my mind starting a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a few new faces and a few old ones. I love to create, be it through writing a story or an adventure. It just makes me happy inside.

So far, things with the new baby are progressing well. We are at seventeen weeks now and there's another ultrasound next week. We may even get to see a 3-D ultrasound, which I've never seen before, but which sounds really cool.

So many shows are starting up, some new, some old, that I think I have overloaded my DVR, particularly with the new WWII documentary on PBS this week. I hope I don't run out of space. (And I never seem to have time to watch anything on DVR- I try after work when I'm home alone with my daughter to sit and watch then, but she seldom lets me).

I want to see that Kid Nation that has everyone all up in arms - to me, it sounds like a fascinating social experiment - Lord of the Flies Reality TV! ;) Though I'm sure it is much tamer than that. I wonder if the antics of the children will be any more (or less) mature than seen on other reality TV shows. (I really don't watch any except Survivor). House starts tonight. Bionic Woman starts tomorrow night (that looks good). Ah, so many great ways to waste time! And not think about how depressing life can be at times.


Thorne said...

Hey, DBB. I wanted to stop in and say hello, and since I'm still recovering from a "issues related blog despair syndrome", I looked for the most innocuous post title to peek at. Sounds like you're doing well at home, and snuggling up is a good thing! We're watching the last 2 episodes of the first season of "24" tonight, and then ready to start on the second season. Am I the only one who thought the season premiere of House was a bit of a let down?? Well, hallucinations coming up; so that should be fun! Yay on your pregnancy and good luck with boy names. Take care.

DBB said...

Hey Thorne - I've wondered where you've been - I'm sure you have a much more interesting life than what can be found on my blog, in any case... ;)

I liked the first season of 24. Season two was really good too, as was season four. Three kinda sucked. I think five was pretty good too. I think I have my numbers right.

I liked House - bouncing ideas off of the Janitor was classic. He just can't admit he needs anyone.

How is your "IRBDS" coming? I think I've probably got a bit of that as well, which is perhaps why I've not posted as much of late.

Tomorrow is an ultrasound (3D!) so that should be interesting! Week 18 now! Thanks for dropping by - I keep wanting to pop over to your blog - I have, actually, just haven't commented.