Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feds Commit Murder

At least, that's how I see this. In a truly just world, this would simply never have happened. But in a semi-just world, the federal agents involved would all be charged with attempted murder (and with actual murder if the kid actually dies as a result of his not getting his medicine). Stealing medicine from cancer patients and then locking up the person who gave it to them (sometimes for free) for 100 years: that's federal "justice" for you. This makes me so sick I want to puke.


Robert said...

Come on. It's a painkiller, not a therapeutic. He isn't going to die from not getting his pot, and since he has a prescription, he's not going to have a hard time finding more. Hell, even without a prescription, he's not going to have a hard time finding more.

Criticize this on the proper grounds: that the government is engaging in an exercise of power that would be alienating and enraging to the founders, and that should be alienating and enraging to us as well.

DBB said...

It doesn't just cure pain - it cures nausea - that's where it makes a difference. There was another child who also needed it for cancer treatment - he was even younger. He needed the pot to deal with the nausea. Without it, he couldn't keep any food down. So he wasted away. He died. I don't remember his name, but his story was told on Penn and Teller's showtime show on a segment on medical marijuana.

So no, this isn't just hyperbole. Cutting off those who take medical marijana can and does (and has) killed people. That earlier boy's death is what I was reminded of when I read this article, thus my reaction and post title.

You are correct that there is an even more basic reason this is a problem - the fact that the constitution does not allow the federal government to pass such laws in the first place (something Scalia conveniently overlooks when the result isn't what he wants it to be).

Robert said...

You're right about the anti-nausea, forgot about that.

So you're a 10th amendment fan, eh? Well, so much for the liberal agenda - but don't worry, I won't tell your fellow progressives :)

DBB said...

Yes, I am a fan of the 10th Amendment - I'm also a fan of actually correctly applying the commerce clause - which flat out does NOT allow you to outlaw drugs, particularly drugs grown and used locally. (Nor does it allow all sorts of other things that the federal government has taken upon itself to legislate on).