Thursday, July 3, 2008

The GOP Gets the Vapors

Looks like the GOP has gotten the vapors over General Wesley Clark's true statement that being shot down isn't a qualification for the presidency. Now Bob Dole is also feeling faint.

To which I say: Gotta love how the GOP gets the vapors over a true statement by an unimpeachible source.

The general merely stated that McCain had no strategic command level experience in the military, which is the main sort of experience that would be relevant (and would prepare you for) being commander in chief. That's it. An entirely true and rather uncontroversial statement.

Then the reporter asked him about Obama lacking any such experience, then pointed out that McCain had the experience of being shot down and held captive - all in the context of talking about qualifications to be president, and to this, the general rightly said that being shot down and held as a POW is not a qualification to be president. Which it isn't. And then the GOP just plain got the vapors. Perhaps, they should all just sit down and breathe into a bag before any more of them faint.

(And isn't it interesting how quickly the media picked this up and parroted bullshit, substance-free right-wing talking points).

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