Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday To US!

Happy Birthday United States! Though technically, the birthday should probably be counted from the date the government was formed. Then again, why not count from today? It is all mostly trivia anyway.

One of these years I'll manage to get out and see the fireworks here - I have in the past, but lately, with the little ones, we are in bed by 10. We heard the fireworks, but can't really see them from our house. Maybe in a year or two we'll take our oldest to see them. She'll be almost four next year's July 4. She wanted to see it this year, but it would have been past her bedtime and we have enough trouble getting her to bed at 10 normally. (Of course, she was up and bouncing off the walls (and us) until 11 last night, per usual.

To celebrate the festivities, I have decided to do a few posts this weekend on subjects of guaranteed frivolity, though that is not to say that they don't involve things people feel passionate about (and like to argue about). At least two involve D&D, and one involves another of my favorite toys. I'm not sure when I'll get to them - this is a holiday, after all, but I will get to them before the weekend is out.

So happy Fourth everyone! Enjoy your holiday!

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