Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Just Saw the new Star Trek Movie

I just saw the new Star Trek Movie. And it was awesome! I really enjoyed it. I was going to post a review, it being Thursday, the day for entertainment around here, but I simply don't have time and need to get to bed. But I will eventually get to it, maybe tomorrow.

It was a much-needed escape from the troubles of the day. Maybe tonight I'll dream about Star Trek instead of about potentially losing my job. Woo-hoo!


Erin said...

Me too! Except I almost left when the goofy-looking Romulan ship came out of the black hole. It was almost too much after the mind-numbing previews (Transformers again?) and the stupid audience who laughed too loud at anything bodily-function-related. But I'm glad I stayed. I found all the elements of the epic hero cycle! (topic of freshman English this week)

Coffee Maker said...

rather than calling this new Star Trek a "reboot" they should call it "downloaded onto a far more sophisticated machine, edited, polished, then rebooted."